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Date: 30 April 2020

Before Lockdown
-Do you know what was the status of your project? (Time and $)
-Were your resources as per tendered methodology?
-What records do you have to substantiate your position?
-How are you going to use your records?

Lockdown Period
-Under what cost categories will you be claiming?
-What compensation option will you be implementing? I.e. will you be claiming actual cost or working day rate or rates from schedule of prices?
-Are you entitled to claim loss of profit?
-Do you have enough records to substantiate your claim?

Post Lockdown
-Does your project need to finish per the original date? If so, what measures have you taken?
-Have you established a completion programme that takes into account H&S constraints in L3 and L2? I.e. productivity rates &resources at different alert levels...
-Do you have a programme monitoring process to capture productivity/progress?
-Do you have a programme risk management plan?
-How are you going to deal with the effect of L4 during L3, L2 and L1? I.e. insolvency of any of the supply chains, loss of productivity, etc.

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