Back What is the Role of the Project Scheduler?

Date: 05 May 2021

Is the Project Scheduler one person? Is he/she the one that creates the construction programme? Is the Project Scheduler the one to schedule subcontractors, material deliveries etc.

Should the scheduler be a computer geek? Sits behind the computer and dig into Gant charts, excel, histogram etc.? Should the scheduler be a construction expert who knows the ins and outs of every single trade, how long things take to get built, knows the sequence etc.?

The project schedule is not a one-person job! It’s a team effort, where the project team will meet (in a series of workshops) to discuss and develop the project plan (methodology, duration, sequence, logistics, quality etc.)

The key role of the project scheduler is to facilitate and chair those workshops and engage every team member in the process. The outcome of the process is a ‘construction schedule’ that has everyone’s buy-in. Everything else, i.e. being a Gant chart geek, construction expert etc. become secondary skills.

In many construction projects, there appears to be a disconnect between the project team (specifically site managers) and the project scheduler/s, resulting in meaningless and non-useful programmes. If the programme does not reflect a realistic plan for the sequence, duration, methodology, and resources and if it is not properly maintained and updated, then the programme becomes a restful piece of paper buried with wastes in the field office’s trash can.


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